Workshops and classes

Group Workshops Programme:

Popular music (beginners group, intermediate and advanced group - Magdalena Czwojda) ↓

Beginners group

 Are you intersted in playing the guitar but the music that sounds in concert halls is not quite for you? Or maybe you’re a “classic” planning to exchange Tárrega or Assad for Clapton and Hendrix? Or maybe you just want to expand your knowledge of new and unfamiliar techniques and styles while having fun? If so, these classes, lead this year by Magda Czwojda are just the fit for you.
At the workshop, Magda will be lecturing on the basic elements of rock, funky, pop, jazz and blues, or popular music in a broad sense. She will be focusing mostly on the technique. She will be teaching how to get proper sound out of the instrument. She will show how to use a plectrum, and present basic chords. All this will be based on common and simple examples coming from popular music literature (so-called covers).
Classes are available for the ones who just begin their adventure with guitar (two years of playing the guitar or less).

Intermediate and advanced group

Workshop lead by Magdalena Czwojda are addressed to those guitarists, who are interested in popular music in a broad sense. The master classes are dedicated also to a “classics” who would like to start their adventure with “entertainment” or just expand their knowledge of new and unfamiliar techniques and styles while having fun.
At the workshop Magdalena will be focusing on the basic elements of rock, funky, pop, jazz and blues, or popular music in a broad sense. She is going to focus also on harmony in popular music and show how to combine proper chords. She will present a few types of articulation – different for every music genres, and fingerstyle technique. One of the elements of the workshop will be the rhythm. Magdalena will be focusing on the technique. The participants will learn how to analyze and listen to the music. All this will be based on common examples coming from popular music literature (so-called covers).
The classes are addressed to intermediate and advanced guitarists (more than two years of playing the guitar).

Guitar orchestra (Robert Horna) ↓
Classes of guitar orchestra that are being organized in Krzyżowa under the lead of Robert Horna are since years on the top of the list of our participants, especially among classical guitar players. Apparently among the participants are those who travel to Krzyżowa just to take part in this one course.
What is the magic of this extraordinary workshop? According to one of the participants, thanks to Mr. Robert’s unique arrangement skills, he can turn a similar, in terms of timbre, group of instruments into a real orchestra. Participants work mostly on well-known and beloved pieces of film music, but not only.
The advantage of participation in such orchestra is not only being able to perform works that simply do not work solo, but above all, learn to teamwork and interact with other musicians . This experience is particularly valuable for students who do not normally have the opportunity to work with an orchestra. The efforts of their teamwork are presented during the final concert of the festival which is always the top attraction of the evening.
Classes in chamber music are meant for guitarists who play at intermediate and advanced levels.
Fingerstyle (Piotr Restecki) ↓
Workshops lead by Piotr Restecki are an unique opportunity to drill in to this more and more in Poland popular technique of guitar play. Throughout the class we will cover a wide range of issues, to make sure that both, beginners as well as the more experienced in fingerstyle can take out the most out of these sessions. The topics that will be covered amongst others: correct body posture, fingerstyle techniques for the left and right hand, choice of most ideal fingerpickings, acoustical sound effects.
The workshop lead will also present relaxation techniques, proper breathing methods whilst playing, the most common open tunings, exercisers as well as chords and scales in open tuning. Fingerstyle does not belong to the easiest techniques, but committing to the workshops with Piotr Restecki you’ll have the possibility to master skills and knowledge while enjoying a play with a wonderful artist.
Workshops are suitable for guitarist of all levels.
Flamenco (Rainer Maria Zehetbauer) ↓
The overall objective of the workshops is to acquire new skills that will allow the participants to, first of all properly interpret the traditional, as well as contemporary works of flamenco, and finally to be able to properly perform them.


During the course, the participants will work on topics such as: the different styles of flamenco, the basic rhythms typical for this genre, the techniques used by flamenco guitarists, manner of articulation, the correct body posture (including hands), exercises to increase the speed of guitar playing, the selectivity and precision of sounds and many more.


The teacher will strive to ensure that after the workshops the participants possess the knowledge of the dynamics and tempo, the wide range of percussive effects used in flamenco music, the variety of musical structures and develop habits suitable for proper further exercise at home. The workshop agenda also includes exercises in identifying and distinguishing between the different styles of flamenco, as well as the knowledge of determining the “compás” – the typical clapping in flamenco.

 Individual masterclasses – Practical course of compisition


Lessons with Marek Pasieczny give the attendants a possibility of practical application of their knowledge in the scope of composition as well as developing their previously acquired skills. They will certainly become an inspiration for many a young creator.
This year the formula of the classes will be slightly different from the previous years. Until now, the attendants have been jointly creating entirely new, original compositions. This time, each attendant will be working on their own composition. Therefore, those interested in attending the course, are requested to bring to Krzyżowa the compositions they would like to work on. It may be a completed composition which requires some corrections. It may be a fragment of a composition, whose ending will be created in Krzyżowa. You can come with only as much as your head full of ideas, which Marek Pasieczny will help you realise. The final shape of the classes will depend of the creativity of the attendants.
The classes are addressed to all guitarists, regardless of how advanced they are. The prerequisite is knowledge of musical notation.

“How to harness the stage”
Group Workshops

These workshops lead in Krzyżowa by Anna Siek, are dedicated to all – professional and experienced musicians, fascinated by guitar play amateurs, as well as guitarists who just start their adventure with the instrument. Why? The course has been designed in a way that will appeal to musicians on all stages of their musical career.
The main aim of the workshops will be raising the awareness of specific elements of the work of a musician: starting with a physical warm-up, throughout working with the instrument (based on the Alexander technique) and finally getting in touch with the audience and finding your space in the stage setting. Anna will demonstrate physical exercises, that will positively influence the musicians body and that will reinforce the body parts that run a particularly high risk of injury while guitar playing. This will include a number of loosening and relaxation exercises that the participants will easily be able to repeat at home.
In the workshop we will work on physical strength, imagination, orientation in space, reaction to stimulate and work with text and voice. The training is suppose to strengthen the musicians awareness and allow for a better body self-control. Participants will learn how to prepare for a stage performance and how to get rid of stage fright. Thanks to individual exercises, work in pairs and group assignments the participants will discover the potential of the artists inside them – improve concentration abilities, managing emotions and teamwork skills.
No guitar play skills are required to take part in these workshops. The workshop is intended for everybody. Participants should wear comfortable clothes for exercises.

Individual classes held as part of the Maestro package will be conducted by following teachers:


Magdalena Czwojda
Andrea De Vitis
Robert Horna
Marek Pasieczny
Krzysztof Pełech
Leszek Potasiński
Piotr Restecki
Pavel Steidl
Finn Svit
Rainer Maria Zehetbauer