1. Guitar Masters Camp 2019 is organised by the Wrocław Guitar Society. Co-organizer and host is the Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe, Krzyżowa 7, 58-112 Grodziszcze, Poland.
  2. The participants have to pay their participation fee accordant to their individual programme.
  3. Within 3 days after sending the application, the participants remit a deposit of 1/3 of the full price into the following bank account:


Account holder: Wrocławskie Towarzystwo Gitarowego

Address: ul. Kołłątaja 31/1-2, 50-004 Wrocław, Poland

Bank name: Raiffeisen Polbank

Account no (IBAN): PLN 37 1750 0009 0000 0000 4005 8974


with the subject: GMC 2019 + name of the participant


Note! This account is dedicated only to transfers in euro (EUR)!

4. The participation fee includes full board and accommodation (in three, four and five-bed rooms) in the IYMC Krzyżowa, participation in the Guitar Masters Camp 2019 and, according to the selected individual programme, individual lessons and/or group workshops. There is a possibility to upgrade the standard of accommodation for an additional fee.

5. Failure to attend Guitar Masters Camp 2019 does not result in a refund or reduction of the original fees.

6. If a participant is unable to attend Guitar Masters Camp 2019 he/she is obligated to inform the organiser immediately.

7. The organiser is not liable for any injuries or accidents occurring during Guitar Masters Camp 2019. The participants are requested to obtain required insurance and bring the proof of insurance policy with them.

8. Information about Guitar Masters Camp 2019, participation fees, and application forms can be found on or by phone: +48 793 355 877.

9. Participants are requested to familiarise themselves in detail with the offer, the application form, and the conditions for participation before registering for the event.

10. The prerequisites for submitting the application form and registering a participant are filling in the application form, and acceptance of the regulations and conditions for participation. The Organizer accepts applications through the application form on the store website in the summary of the package purchase.

11. Persons under the age of 18 who participate in Guitar Masters Camp 2019 unattended by parents or legal guardians, do so on condition that their parents or legal guardians have signed the qualification form. By signing the form the parents/legal guardians agree to be responsible for the transportation of the participant to and from Krzyżowa. The qualification form can be obtained at Please send the completed qualification form to the address of the co-organizer (Krzyżowa Foundation) by mail or signed and scanned version by email ( and bring the original copy of the form to Krzyżowa.

12. Guitar Masters Camp 2019 starts with the arrival of the participants on 14 July (Sunday) and ends with their departure on 24 July 2019 (Wednesday).

13. After arriving in Krzyżowa, the participants register at the Reception in Krzyżowa and receive their accreditation and further information concerning their lodging and individual courses. Please bring an identification document.

14. Camera and Video recording may not be taken without the prior consent of the Organiser and Co-organiser. The Organiser and Co-organiser assert their right of distribution of all photographic and audiovisual materials recorded during Guitar Masters Camp.

15. The Organiser reserves his right to make changes to some parts of Guitar Masters Camp 2019 and its curriculum and to make changes in the teaching staff line-up which are beyond his control.

16. The classes timetable is arranged by the Artistic Director. It is strictly forbidden to make individual appointments with the lecturers during Guitar Masters Camp 2019. Any breach to this rule will result in immediate exclusion of the participant from Guitar Masters Camp 2019 without a refund.

17. The Organiser and Co-organiser do not accept liability for lost, damaged, or stolen valuables, which have not been deposited at the Reception.

18. The participants receive a certificate of their participation in Guitar Masters Camp 2019.

19. The participants are obligated to adhere to the regulations of Guitar Masters Camp 2019 and the house rules of the IYMC Krzyżowa. This applies especially to the quiet hours, mealtimes, the prohibition of smoking indoors and drinking alcohol.

20. Quiet hours last from 10.00 pm to 6.00 am.

21. Under-age participants are not allowed to leave the group or the premises without knowledge and permission of the Organiser or Co-organiser.

22. Under-age participants of Guitar Masters Camp 2019 who take part in the event without the adult guardians and who will not be received by them after the event is completed, are obliged to provide a written consent signed by their legal guardians to allow them to leave the IYMC Krzyżowa on their own.

23. The Organiser and Co-organiser reserve their right to ban from Guitar Masters Camp 2019 persons disrupting the event or behaving inappropriately.

24. Admission to the workshop rooms, both during individual and group classes, will take place on the basis of previously reported participation lists or identifiers informing about the type of package purchased by a particular participant.

25. People not participating in Guitar Masters Camp 2019 are not allowed to be admitted in the premises or accommodated in the participants’ rooms.

26. The participants are individually liable for any damages and defects that they cause to the facilities of the IYMC.

27. Participants who fail to adhere to these regulations and conditions may be banned from further participation in Guitar Masters Camp 2019, at any time, without any refunds.

28. All participants must fill in the questionnaire delivered by the Organiser and give it back to the Organiser before their departure from the Course.

The Regulations is a document ordering the rules of applications and participation in the Guitar Masters Camp. If you have not found the information you need, check the FAQ tab, which is the most frequently asked questions, and if there is still something bothering you, contact the Organizer.

Wrocław Guitar Society



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