Accommodation – upgrade (highest standard, 1 bed)


Fee for accommodation upgrade to a single room with bathroom in the highest standard.


Surcharge for accommodation in a single room with a bathroom in the highest standard (buildings: Spichlerz, Stajnia, Dom Ogrodnika). The price is for one night, so choose the right amount for the duration of your stay.

The Guitar Masters Camp will take place in the buildings of the manor complex in Krzyżowa, which now houses the International Youth Meeting Center. It is a former estate of the von Moltke family, which is a historic 18th-century palace and a complex of buildings surrounding it.

The palace and buildings around the courtyard create a unique atmosphere, and the location in the countryside provides peace and quiet and contact with nature. Professional conference facilities and accommodation as well as recreational opportunities and curiosities of the region make Krzyżowa an ideal place for the Guitar Masters Camp.

Krzyżowa is a picturesque village located 8 km from Świdnica and 55 km from Wrocław. The owner of the object is the Krzyżowa Foundation for the Mutual Understanding, an independent Polish non-governmental organization working for tolerance, peace, understanding and mutual respect among all European nations.

Krzyżowa Foundation website