Frequently asked questions about Guitar Masters Camp in Krzyzowa:

Which Krzyżowa does Guitar Masters Camp take place in?

Guitar Masters Camp takes place in the village of Krzyżowa, which is in Świdnicki County, about 60km from Wrocław. The directions leading to the location of the Camp can be found on the website www.camp.guitarmasters.pl in the tab Contact.

Do I need my own guitar to participate in Guitar Masters Camp?

Yes, every Camp participant is required to bring his own instrument to Krzyżowa. Only in exceptional circumstances the organisers might provide assistance in lending out a guitar for the duration of the Camp.

Do I need to have musical qualifications to participate in the Camp?

No, Guitar Masters Camp is for both qualified musicians and amateurs.

Is the Camp for children and youths only?

No, everyone can participate in the Camp, without any age limits.

What kind of repertoire is studied in the classes? Can the Camp participants choose the repertoire they want to work on?

Yes, the participants can choose the repertoire they want to work on in the individual classes. We suggest you select compositions which cause problems regarding performance, technique, interpretation, etc.

Is it possible to attend individual lessons in the flamenco guitar, or jazz guitar (are those classes normally taught in groups)?

It is possible to attend the above mentioned individual lessons, however, you need to notify the organizers and express your intention of attending such classes and arrange the timetable and number of hours before the commencement of the Camp.

Is it possible to choose a teacher I want to have classical guitar classes with?

Yes, of course. Students decide who they want to have classes with. We suggest choosing a few different teachers.

What language do the foreign teachers speak in?

All foreign teachers speak English. When choosing classes with such teachers you ought to consider how you are going to communicate with them.

I'm going on holiday and can't participate in the whole Camp. Can I participate only in a selected part of it?

It is possible to arrange shorter stays, however people who buy full packages are given precedence over others. In the case of shorter stays, the package prices are established individually.

Can disabled people participate in the Camp?

Yes, disabled people are welcome to participate in the Camp. The rooms in the venue are adapted to be used by people with disabilities.

Can minors participate in the Camp?

The Camp can be attended by minors, however, their participation must be acknowledged by submitting a qualification form, signed by a parent or legal guardian. The qualification form may be obtained from the website www.camp.guitarmasters.pl and after filling it in, should be sent to the address of MDSM in Krzyżowa or scanned and emailed to the following address: guitar@krzyzowa.org.pl and the original copy needs to be submitted upon the arrival.

Is there a charge for the stay of a parent or legal guardian in Krzyżowa?

Yes, parents or legal guardians are advised to buy Guardian package. The information regarding the prices of all the packages can be found on the website www.camp.guitarmasters.pl in the tab Prices.

What activities can the Camp participants engage in during the breaks between the classes?

The Camp participants can use the following facilities: a gym, football, volleyball, and basketball pitch, table tennis and table football. They are free to use those facilities without limits during the breaks between the classes. Moreover, for an additional charge they can use sauna and a billiard table.

Will the organizers provide spare time activities for the Camp participants?

No, all participants are required to arrange free time activities for themselves. This does not mean that they are left unattended. The counsellors ensure that minors do not leave the venue on their own, and provide assistance in case of questions and problems.

Are the lectures/presentations/concerts available to the Camp participants?

Yes, all events which take place within the Camp are available to all participants without additional charges. Participation in fringe events is included in the prices of packages.

What is a typical daily schedule during the Camp?

8-9 breakfast, until 1pm mostly individual lessons, chamber bands classes and some of the group classes. 1-2pm lunch. After lunch group classes, as well as football matches or free time. 6-7pm dinner. After dinner the teachers, guests or participants meet at a concert in the Palace or at the DVD presentation in the Multi-purpose Room. After the concert everybody is invited to the Jam Basement where we make music and improvise together. On selected days there are socialising bonfires. Also, there might be trips to concerts or other outings.